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Sculptra® Aesthetic


Sculptra Aesthetic Provides gradual results that can last up to two years*


Sculptra Aesthetic is a facial injectable that works gradually in a series of treatments — on average, three injection sessions over a few months — for a subtle, more youthful looking appearance. Discover anti-age for the modern age.


Sculptra Aesthetic is targeted for use in:
    •    Deep folds between the nose and the mouth
    •    Temples
    •    Jaw line
    •    Lines framing your mouth (marionette lines)
    •    Chin wrinkles



*Individual results and treatment sessions may vary.




What is Sculptra?
Sculptra is a synthetic injectable material known as poly-L-lactic acid -- a biocompatible and biodegradable material that does not harm the body and can be broken down by the body over time. Poly-L-lactic acid has been in wide used for many years in a variety of medically-related uses, including dissolvable stitches.


How does Sculptra work?
Sculptra is injected below the surface of the skin into the area of volume loss. Skin thickness decreases as people age; Sculptra works to restore a gradual increase in skin thickness. Visible results appear within in the few treatment sessions.


Are the results from Sculptra immediate?
No. After your first treatment, it may appear that Sculptra worked immediately; this is because of swelling from the injections. After a few days, when the swelling goes down and your body absorbs the water, you may look as you did before your treatment. Sculptra takes time to gradually correct the depression in your skin and restore volume. The true results of Sculptra treatments take weeks or months to fully manifest themselves. A period of four to six weeks is a good estimate of how long the effects of Sculptra treatments take to become apparent.


How long do treatment results last?
Treatment results will differ from person to person. In a clinical study, treatment results were shown to last for up to 2 years after the first treatment session, in most patients.