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Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy


For a number of years, there have been only two clinically proven non-surgical modalities by which the medical community and health care specialists have been able to treat hair loss. Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia). For those who don't want to deal with chemicals or induced medical treatments, there is Laser Hair Therapy. Sunetics International brings the first Clinical Laser Unit FDA 510(k) cleared to GROW HAIR and treat hair loss in BOTH Men and Women. The Sunetics Laser Technology attacks hair loss at a cellular level using Bio-Stimulation to energize weakened follicles. 


          Unlike oral finasteride or topical minoxidil, Sunetics laser hair therapy may be used by both men and women and is effective for hair regrowth. Sunetics laser hair therapy is non-systemic and non-surgical and it addresses hair loss at the cellular level, rejuvenating miniaturizing hair follicles in three major ways:


1.  A Photo-Biomodulation and stimulation effect that initiates protein 

     synthesis and mobilization of calcium ions, within the hair follicle.

2.  Enhancement of ATP production in the cells, mobilizing cellular 

     stimulation within the dermal papilla.

3.  A significant improvement of blood microcirculation, allowing greater 

     nutrient acquisition by follicular site.


         FDA 510(k) cleared to be Safe and Effective, the Sunetics Clinical Laser Unit is the simplest approach to hair restoration on the market. Take your Medical Practice to the NEXT LEVEL and impact the quality of hair regrowth for your patients with Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy. Contact us TODAY!

Sunetics Clinical Hair Growth Laser from Sunetics International on Vimeo.