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What is VelaShape?

Velashape is a new device that helps you achieve a slimmer and more-toned figure. It's effective in reducing cellulite, reshaping the body and tightening up flabby areas. The technology behind VelaShape includes a vacuum system and rollers for a mechanical message. These two combinations allow for the heat energy to safely and effectively penetrate underneath your skin to the fat cells. When the heat energy is delivered to your fat cells, it results in an acceleration of the metabolism of stored energy, increase in lymphatic drainage, and reduces the size of fat cells. 

How quickly will I notice a change?
Gradual improvement of the treated area can be seen following the first treatment - with the skin surface of the treated area feeling smoother. Results in Circumference and Cellulite Reduction will be most apparent 6-8 weeks following the final treatment session.

How many inches can I reduce from my circumference?
In clinical studies, patients report an average reduction of about 1 inch post treatment series. In clinical trials, the range of Circumferential Reduction was between 0.5-3 inches.

How do I improve and maintain the VelaShape™ results?
Following your complete treatment regimen, it is recommended to get maintenance treatments periodically. Like all non-surgical or surgical techniques, results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Is treatment safe?
FDA cleared the device as safe and effective for all skin types and colors. Short term effects can include mild bruising or redness.

Does this treatment suit me?
The majority of the population is suitable for receiving the VelaShape™ treatment. You should consult with your physician prior to receiving treatments. For treatment contra-indications, please refer to your local Syneron representative.

What is the feeling during treatment?
Most patients claim that the treatment is pleasant, followed by a deep heating sensation beneath their skin.